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Patient Education: Price List

Booking An Appointment

Booking an appointment has never been easier! Convenience is our goal so click the "Create Account" link to create a profile or "Book Online" to sign in and book your own appointments.  You can also text or call to make an appointment.

Person Checking the Phone


Chiropractic Simplified

Janssen Chiropractic is an all cash alternative to the traditional insurance model.


New Patient Assessment & Exam

Vitals including blood pressure, heart rate, and other medical information will be collected for your file.  Dr. Janssen will discuss your reason for coming in and will help you determine what kind of care you would like to proceed with. During the same visit you can be adjusted or have a therapy completed.


Full Spine Adjustment

Assessment and adjustment of your whole spine and pelvis utilizing a combination of chiropractic techniques to assure the best outcome for each individual patient.


1-2 Region Adjustment

Assessment and adjustment of 1-2 spinal regions instead of full spine. The doctor  may deem it necessary to adjust fewer regions or a patient may prefer a more limited treatment.

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